Reality On Hold

What is it? A message-on-hold, a radio talk show, a podcast?

(Actually, it’s all of the above.)

Invented by Digital Waterworx, Reality On-Hold™is truly a one-of-a-kind service.

Stand Out
Unlike traditional messages, Reality On-Hold™will set you apart from your competitors.

Hassel Free
No monthly or annual contracts. Fees are based on individual productions.

Reality On Hold sounds like a radio talk show, but it’s a message-on-hold in disguise.

Callers will think they’re hearing someone from your company participating in an interview on a radio show. The reality is that it was produced by us to make it sound just like that.

“What radio show were you on, and when?” That’s the common thing we hear from patients. It really adds a high degree of credibility. People actually listen now.

Allan Mohr, DDS

My customers actually thought I was on a national radio show and wanted to know when it aired. They had no idea that it was my on hold message.

Leo Goldberg

President, Dynamic Lighting Products

Holy cow – no pun intended – we used to have the good old message on hold. Once we switched over to the Reality On Hold format we found that callers really listened to what was being said. It’s one of the best things we ever did to help market our practice. 

Jeffrey Krasnoff DVM, MS

Brookville Animal Hospital

We offer the following:

Typical uses for Reality on Hold:

  • Introducenew products
  • Reinforce services
  • Cross promote products
  • Control what callers hear
  • Entertain callers
  • Sound up to date
  • Wish callers happy holidays
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Announce special offers
  • Drive callers to your website
  • Eliminate static radio
  • Avoid copyright liability claims
  • Make time spent on hold seem faster
  • Establish a professional tone
  • Upsell customers

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