Meet our Staff

Dave Goldberg

President, CVO

Dave began his entrepreneurial career at the age of fourteen, spinning records at friends’ parties and, not long thereafter, a company called Satellite Entertainment was born. As a Communications major at Hofstra University, he began working full-time as a Product Specialist for KORG, a manufacturer of professional-level electronic musical equipment. Seeking a new challenge, he left KORG in 1993 to create Digital Waterworx. Dave wears a few hats including producer, director, engineer, writer, voiceover artist, and your every day friendly guy.

Linda Bruno

Voiceover Artist

Linda has been behind the mic for longer than she’d probably admit. But suffice it to say, if you’ve ever turned on the TV, listened to the radio, waited on hold, or spent time in a big box store, the guaranteed — you’ve heard Linda’s voice. 

Whether it’s McDonald’s, Costco, HSN, The Weather Channel, HP, Pfizer, or even the local car dealer, Linda has voiced for just about every industry category out there. 


Michael Harris

Director, Editor, DP

Mike has been an integral part of Digital Waterworx team since 2004. From audio recording and editing to video production, we often refer to Mike as the “Swiss Army Knife”. His degree from Boston’s prestigious Emerson College comes along with the title of Live Mix Director for WERS 88.9 FM, the country’s preeminent college radio station.

Sandy Delgado

Production Coordinator

Sandy’s been a fixture at Digital Waterworx since 2004. She’s dedicated to delivering a level of excellence in customer service and satisfaction that’s unparalleled in the production industry.

Sandy can usually be found standing most of the day at her custom-designed standing desk, but also editing audio files or assisting on video shoots.

Alyssa Brancazio


Alyssa began in the industry at age 4, as the quintessential “performing kid” and by 7, had already tap-danced at Radio City Music Hall for a taping of the game show, Hollywood Squares.

Alyssa is a seasoned script-writer, consultant, and versatile producer. She also works with clients one-on-one who need to build their confidence in front of the camera.

Phil Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist 

As the resident DMS, Phil brings a decade-plus of experience to the table. He is truly a master of many whose talents include website integration, Internet marketing, publicity and promotion. And he plays a mean guitar. (He’s not a bad singer either!)

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