On Hold Messages

Turn your hold button into a wealth of information

Face it. Being placed on-hold stinks. Nobody actually wants to wait on hold. But if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation, let’s just hope you’re listening to one of our messages.

Digital Waterworx has been providing on-hold-messages since 1993. In that time we’ve produced over 10,000 messages for some 4,000 clients.

What you get from us:

  • Seasoned scriptwriters
  • Broadcast professional voiceover talent
  • Award-winning producers
  • Real music tracks, not the stuff you hear in elevators
  • Personalized service – Single point of contact for one-on-one attention
  • Productions work on all business class phone systems, all the way through enterprise-class VOIP networks
  • DWX8000usb playback device for clients requiring a hardware solution

Why a professionally produced message on hold?

  • Introducenew products
  • Reinforce services
  • Cross promote products
  • Control what callers hear
  • Entertain callers
  • Sound up to date
  • Wish callers happy holidays
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Announce special offers
  • Drive callers to your website
  • Eliminate static radio
  • Avoid copyright liability claims
  • Make time spent on hold seem faster
  • Establish a professional tone
  • Upsell customers

Have question or want to get a quote?

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