Created especially for your organization. No boilerplate or cookie cutters here.

Pro Voices

Top-quality recognizable voices known for their work on TV, Radio, and Film projects.


Real Music

Leave the elevator the elevator.

Script Writing

Developed by experienced marketing writers who will ensure that your message is topical and informative.


Industry-specific trivia, sound effects, clever copy writing, Reality On Hold.


Hassel Free

No monthly or annual contracts. Fees are based on single productions.

The time when a caller is on-hold is extremely valuable. It can be used to inform, entertain, and educate callers. A professionally produced message-on-hold effectively enhances your company’s image and reduces call abandonment, possibly never to call back again.

All InfoHold messages are 100% buyout with no lock-in contracts or ongoing obligations.

Ready to get started? Download a Script Guide, complete it, and send it back to us.
DWX-8000 Message On Hold Player


For the best possible message-on-hold sound quality, we proudly offer the DWX-8000USB Digital Playback System. This state-of-the-art device was created specifically to our exclusive specifications.

The DWX-8000USB is virtually the simplest, most convenient, reliable, digital audio message player ever made, and it’s available exclusively from Digital Waterworx Corporate Communication Production.

When it’s time to update your production, we’ll email you an MP3 file. Simply copy the file onto the supplied USB Flash Drive from your PC. Then, plug it into the DWX8000USB and you’re ready to go. That’s all there is to it – really! [step by step instructions]



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