We’ve “Bean” Keeping Busy


Red Mango SessionAs evidenced by the picture to the right, we recently had a blast producing Red Mango’s Artisanal Cold Brewed Lavazza Iced Coffee radio commercials for the EGC Group.

Ben (the Bean, and main character) and Linda (VO extraordinaire) complimented each other quite well, providing the perfect balance of humor versus sincerity — or should we say regular versus decaf!

Heat can make coffee bitter. Don’t take our word for it. Stop into a Red Mango near you and try their iced coffee. And be sure to catch the spots on TV and radio.

For Such A Time As This


This piece was produced for the Metropolitan New York Synod. This video was shown at the 2014 Annual Assembly. Members of the Metro New York Synod’s nearly 200 Lutheran congregations worship God, help friends and neighbors, celebrate diversity, feed the hungry, work for justice, and advocate for peace.

Shot over the course of two days, we captured the stories told by 10 members, including Bishop Robert Rimbo of the Metropolitan New York Synod.

We Get A-Round


This video was created for one of the nation’s largest and oldest tire distributors, Max Finkelstein, Inc. From Maryland to Maine, if you purchase a tire – whether it’s for a wheelbarrow, car, truck, or even a giant earth mover, there’s a pretty strong chance that it came from Max Finkelstein.

Shot in multiple locations including Fairfield, New Jersey and Nashville, Tennessee, this short video showcases several of the company’s dealers explaining what it’s like doing business with them.

The Bristal’s Barbara Bruns


This is just one video in the ongoing “True LifeStories” series that we produce in conjunction with Berwald Creative for the family of The Bristal Assisted Living Communities. This short (2:30 minute) video features the charismatic Barbara Bruns. Watch for the surprise ending!

We Were Steamed


In order to create this product video for Leviton, we needed to figure out a way to show steam rising from a working shower. The challenge was how to accomplish this without the camera lens fogging up or showing condensation.

Well, chalk up the results to a combination of ingenuity, creativity, and technical prowess. The finished sequence can be seen beginning at the 30-second mark. The Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control is a truly unique product that controls ventilation fans based on the level of humidity in a bathroom, basement, spa, or any other area in the home that experiences fluctuations in the level of moisture.

Choose a Channel


This video was produced for Leviton Manufacturing’s corporate division and was part of a promotional package that was sent to each of their distributors across the country for use as part of a POP display.

Featuring extensive use of animation, sound effect design, and intricate editing, the biggest challenge was completing the project in record time in order to meet the client’s incredibly tight deadline—including the duplication of hundreds of DVDs.

Baby It Was Cold Outside


This holiday video was produced for Madison Alley Global Ventures, a New York based M&A and capital advisory firm for digital marketing, advertising, media and technology companies.

It was shot in one evening — one cold evening — on location in Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, and a few other areas throughout Manhattan. Featuring Michael Seidler, CEO and Founder of Madison Alley, the video incorporates the use of ultra high definition time-lapse video.

Let us know what you think!

Here’s some positive feedback surrounding this project:

From our client:

“The holiday video has been very well received.  One client told us it was the not only the best holiday greeting this year, but the best he’s ever seen.  That it’s more creative than what the agencies produce.  I’ll forward you over the comments received.”

From their clients:

“What a great holiday card! I like substance with my snowflakes, and you delivered!”

“Happy New Year.  I love your card.  Really well done.  Look forward to connecting in the New Year!”

“Catching up on my emails and finally watched your video. This was the best made holiday “card” I received all season. Very impressive. Let’ catch-up later this month for lunch.”


Goin’ Global


Whether you sell nuts and bolts, packaging supplies, tools and instruments, paper shredders or office equipment, the place to hawk your wares online is on the Global Industrial Online Marketplace.

Global Industrial, whose world headquarters are located in Port Washington, New York, is a Fortune 1000 company listed on the New York Stock exchange (SYX). They’re an industry leader providing private label and brand name industrial equipment and supplies to businesses throughout North America.

This promotional video features a live spokesperson as well as original animations, shot, edited, and produced entirely at Digital Waterworx in a highly compressed time frame to coincide with the client’s online roll out.

Have a look:

Better Be Safe


In our client Leviton’s ongoing series, “Simple Steps, Smart Choices”, this episode features The Safety Mom, Alison Rhodes-Jacobson and our own Dave Goldberg. The video discusses ways you can enhance your home’s safety features quickly, easily, cost-effectively, and in many cases – by yourself.

From environmental toxins and healthy eating, to sports injuries and cyber bullying, The Safety Mom is always on the lookout for the issues facing children – newborns to teens – as well as the entire family. But this time she and Dave talk about GFCI’s, Tamper Resistant Outlets, Guide Lights, AFCI’s, and much more.

Have a look!

Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from the day of the shoot:

Alison & Mike

Alison & Mike

Dave & Alison

Burnt Burritos


Want to learn how you can get rid of the horrid smell of burnt burritos (and other nasty odors)?

Watch this product video we produced for Royal Products: