Web Videos

Consider these Facts

Internet marketing is a niche that continues to evolve, and videos created specifically for the web have developed into a lucrative way to target the people who buy your products and services. The videos that Digital Waterworx creates can be embedded into web pages or stand alone as an interactive portal for sales and information. Website videos are a taste of 21st Century marketing, using emerging technologies to reach target-specific groups or interests.

One of the first things that needs to be established is the type and amount of service you require. Will your video require special effects, embedded slides, or animation? Will you supply your own actors, or will we be casting a spokesperson or other talent. Compared to traditional video mediums, website videos have the potential for tremendous gains. Distribution for online placement is relatively inexpensive, far undercutting the exposure possible through television advertising. We also offer web marketing and online optimization┬áservices to attract viewers with interests similar to what you’re marketing.

Another advantage that online advertising has over traditional medium is the level of interaction. Those who discover your website video by accident can navigate through the video to learn more about your product, and go directly to a product checkout when they’re satisfied you have what they need. Plus, using a professionally produced website video assures potential customers that you’re dedicated to quality and customer service.

Ideally, websites should have no fewer than 10 videos on YouTube. Consumers typically want to learn as much about your product or services before committing to the purchase. The Digital Waterworx creative team will sit down with you to discuss your plans, your vision of what the video should accomplish, and we’ll brainstorm some ideas on how to turn it into reality. Or ultimate goal is to make your business look as good as possible.

Stuck for ideas? We’ll help. But consider these for starters:
  • Brief overview of company and products (or services)
  • Product use and demonstration
  • Product features and benefits
  • Customer testimonials/endorsements
  • Time-lapse videos
  • FAQ – Answer to frequently asked questions
  • Behind the scenes videos (how products are made)
  • Virtual tours