So is it ‘Voiceovers’ or ‘Voice Overs’? You be the judge and let us know.

Throughout the years, we’ve provided voiceovers for hundreds (if not thousands) of radio, television, film work, telephone systems, video games, consumer electronic products, theme parks, and corporate events (VOG).

Our clients range from the shop around corner to the most recognizable names in international business. In fact, looking at the list of Fortune’s Top 50 companies — we can proudly say that we’ve done voice work for more than 25% of them. We even consider a handful of them to be “regulars”.

Our in-house voice actors have an enormous range and are able to cover both genders as well as a multitude of accents, dialects, and age ranges. We also have a close network of other voice actors and multi-lingual talent that frequent our studios, as well as access to an even wider pool because of our proximity to New York City. And when that’s not close enough, we’re able to pull in national talent via our ISDN equipped studios.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation or send us sample copy to audition. But by all means, please review some samples of our work below.

Voiceovers for TV