Product Videos

Ears to the track. Sure, we like to talk…but more importantly, we listen. We listen to your requirements and help determine the most effective video method to successfully introduce your new product.

Do you want to show how your product works? How is it going to be demonstrated – by a spokesperson, 3D animation, slice of life dramatization, interview? Will it be shot on a set, in our studio, on location, or created via CGI?

Digital Waterworx’s unique ability to mix high quality 3D animation and visual effects with live action, using green screen and advanced compositing techniques, allows for seemingly limitless options.

We have been working with Digital Waterworx for several productive years to produce videos for us…Creative, flexible, original, and easy folks to work with because they ask questions and offer unique solutions. I've lost count of how many projects we've done together, but each one is a new experience.
— Jay Sherman Director of Marketing, Residential
I worked with the Digital Waterworx team on a very important world-wide product launch video in 2008. Being a musical instrument I needed the video to have style, a high-tech look, and convey fun and creativity. Dave and the team knew exactly what to do and worked tirelessly to bring my vision to life. The video was acclaimed around the world and helped lead us to a very successful launch. I can't thank them enough for going above and beyond, and being true creative partners in the project.
— Jerry Kovarsky Korg Technology Senior Product Manager