Dave GoldbergDave Goldberg

Dave began his entrepreneurial career at the age of fourteen, spinning records at friends’ parties. His first DJ job paid $35 and, not long thereafter, a company called Satellite Entertainment was born. By the beginning of his college career, the company was a thriving event planning business and included a network of magicians, caterers, and other entertainers. While in college, he sold the company’s assets and bookings to two aspiring entertainment companies.

As a Communications major at Hofstra University in 1987, Dave began working full-time as a Product Specialist for KORG USA, a manufacturer of professional-level electronic musical equipment. In addition to his primary responsibilities at the company, he assisted in the production of numerous audio, video, and mixed-media presentations for the company’s various marketing programs. In 1991, he helped establish the company’s Professional Audio Division which catered to audio and video post production facilities, TV and radio stations, and recording studios.

Seeking a new challenge, he left KORG USA in 1993 to create Digital Waterworx Corporate Communication Production. Today, the company has an international client base that exceeds 4,000 and has been featured in many online, newspaper, and magazine articles. Dave was also awarded the prestigious “40 Under 40” award by Long Island Business News in 2004, a distinguished honor presented to 40 young business leaders each year. In 2001 he and his wife also started the Tender Loving Care Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that develops programs for families whose infants are in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) at 14 area hospitals.

According to Dave, “We like to think of ourselves as hyper-creative and caring. Many of our clients become our friends – and quite naturally, we strive to help our friends succeed!”

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Eric in Studio March 2013Waiting in the wings is Dave’s youngest son who has recorded numerous voiceovers for radio and TV including Verizon FiOS, Uncle Bens Rice, Simon Elliot Events, Jay at Play, and he’s also acted in a handful of videos.

His older son has also taken an interest in many production aspects and shows promise of getting in on the behind-the-scenes action.

“We throw them in the pool at a very young age and teach ’em how to swim here at Digital Waterworx”, says Goldberg.