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Everything worked out BEAUTIFULLY. Thank you so much. One of our co-producers asked what I did to get you so darn excited about the NAMY awards. I told him that they were so phenomenal you just couldn't help yourself! So thank you for acting your way though all our VOG’s and helping to make our event so terrific.
— Fred Sampson News Corporation
The IVR [Interactive Voice Response] is just great! The voices are so animated, the caller would really feel like they are hearing a person and not a machine. I also believe that if the person calling is irate, listening to the new IVR will somehow diffuse him/her a bit before the call reaches the rep, and this is only one of its advantages. Thanks for the great work!
— Chris Crumlich Karcher, Customer Service
We have been working with Dave Goldberg and Digital Waterworx for several productive and creative years to produce videos for us, as well as voiceovers. Easy people to work with because they ask questions and offer solutions. Digital Waterworx is a cost effective resource.
— Jay Sherman Director of Marketing, Residential

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