Live Event Production

Digital Waterworx has assisted in live event coverage since its inception in 1993. Each event requires different types of production elements. For example, a concert video may incorporate material from more than one performance, and therefore a production team may travel with the band over a period of time, whereas a press conference is typically held on one day and may only require a single camera.

But live event coverage means a lot more than pointing a camera at an event. It includes comprehensive planning and scheduling, having cameras in places that can capture key moments, equipment management, staging, sound reinforcement, lighting, teleprompters, live streams, image magnification (projection or LED walls), communications, and special effects.

The post-production process isn’t limited to editing, but also supporting graphics, text, voiceovers, music, sound effects, and file preparation for delivery across a multitude of platforms.

We work seamlessly between our client, event planners, marketing teams, ad agencies, and PR firms. We manage the technology behind the scenes, and apply state-of-the-art post production afterwards.