Andrew Lubman, Arranger/Composer

You’ve got 30 seconds…a minute at most…to capture the attention of your audience. What’s your pitch: vanilla or mocha latte swirl with a touch of fresh mint?

Simply put – vanilla won’t do any longer. You need to make sure that your audience remembers your product, service, or brand name. Jingles created by the Digital Waterworx team make a splash.

Our jingles are produced by top notch musicians and singers, overseen by the team of Andrew and David who together have more than 40 years of experience. Our state of the art studios using are always buzzin’ in order to keep up with tight production schedules. Our specialty is listening to our clients, formulating comprehensive plans, and striving to obtain the best results within a given budget.

Have a listen to some of our past work and feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.