Hear This HouseHear This House™ – Talking House Transmitter

When my wife and I were searching for our home, we looked at more than 100 houses in two years. The question now is, how many of those homes might have been perfect for us?

Many of the homes we saw were painted colors that didn’t appeal to us or had some other aesthetic issue that was bothersome. So, we’d continue driving around until we arrived at the next open house, perhaps never taking the time to go inside for a better look.

In hindsight, some of those homes we pulled up to may very well have had hidden surprises inside — new kitchens, baths, media rooms, HVAC systems, or other attractive features that weren’t stated in the home’s listing.

Hear This HouseI came up with the perfect solution. Since I make a living producing commercials, why not create a short program describing in detail all the features and benefits of the home for sale, then use an inexpensive but high quality FM transmitter allowing anyone who drives up to the home to hear a professionally produced audio presentation.

Hear This House is perfect for real estate agents and brokers as well as homeowners interested in selling their own home.

Call me directly for more details at 516-752-2787 x203. I look forward to hearing from you!
— Dave Goldberg