Better Be Safe

In our client Leviton’s ongoing series, “Simple Steps, Smart Choices”, this episode features The Safety Mom, Alison Rhodes-Jacobson and our own Dave Goldberg. The video discusses ways you can enhance your home’s safety features quickly, easily, cost-effectively, and in many cases – by yourself.

From environmental toxins and healthy eating, to sports injuries and cyber bullying, The Safety Mom is always on the lookout for the issues facing children – newborns to teens – as well as the entire family. But this time she and Dave talk about GFCI’s, Tamper Resistant Outlets, Guide Lights, AFCI’s, and much more.

Have a look!

Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from the day of the shoot:

Alison & Mike

Alison & Mike

Dave & Alison

Burnt Burritos

Want to learn how you can get rid of the horrid smell of burnt burritos (and other nasty odors)?

Watch this product video we produced for Royal Products:

Mill-Max Turns It

Chances are if you own anything electronic (lol), then you have a Mill-Max component. For over 40 years, Mill-Max has been manufacturing and designing high reliability precision-machined interconnect components and is a recognized global leader in both industry standard and application specific interconnects.

We recently shot footage for four videos profiling Mill-Max’s key areas: Custom Applications, Critical Connections, Customer Service, and the video below, “All Under One Roof”:

Stuff a Cone with Bacon

Have you ever wondered what an ice cream cone would taste like stuffed with Bacon? If so, then plan on taking a trip to St. James, NY. There you’ll find The New York Stuffed Cone Company.

Digital Waterworx recently produced a video examining how owner, Dave Saracino, uses the Malibu POS (Point of sale system) to help his business run efficiently. View the video (and get hungry) here:

Vote for…

…Well, vote for whomever you please, but the Town of Islip Republican Committee voted to have Digital Waterworx produce their TV and Radio commercials for incumbents Trish Bergin and Steve Flotteron. Here’s one of three :30 TV spots that were shot and edited in 24-hours:

ProTrack Plus – EDO Product Video

When faced with the challenge of how to explain to potential clients the features and benefits of their software platform, the marketing team at ProTrack Plus turned to Digital Waterworx.

“ProTrack Plus is a cloud based turn-key software solution for Economic Development Organizations”, said Anjul Bahuguna, Product Manager of the Great Neck, New York based company.

Michael Capilets, Managing Director said, “Describing all of the capabilities our software has to offer is difficult to do in a limited amount of time. The Digital Waterworx team made it their goal to understand what we were trying to accomplish and suggested several unique ways of getting that point across to prospects.”

“We combined testimonials shot both on location and in our studios, as well as stock video and graphics to help illustrate the power and unique strong points of ProTrack Plus”, said David Goldberg, Digital Waterworx CVO. “With the help of Mike Harris, video editor, a lively music bed, and a voiceover narration, everything worked in concert to bring the ProTrack Plus story to life.”

See the video:

We Created Smiles

Digital Waterworx completed the production of a practice overview video for Massapequa, Long Island dentist, Dr. Allan Mohr.

“Dr. Mohr has been a long time client of ours and was interested in having a video produced for his website and online marketing efforts”, said David Goldberg, president of Digital Waterworx. “He had attended several marketing seminars for dentists, where video was discussed as an critical part of the success of a modern dental practice. He knew he needed a video that would accurately reflect his philosophy.”

“I had a working relationship with Dave and his staff, and knew that their creative energy would bring my vision to life — and they knocked it out of the park”, said Dr. Mohr.

Dr. Mohr selected a small group of patients to appear in the video, as well as his entire staff. According to Goldberg, “He couldn’t have assembled a better group of participants. We’re thoroughly pleased with the way this video turned out and expect it will lead to future work in the dental and medical communities.”

See the video:

How We Get Wet
Splish Splash Recordings

Dave Goldberg as “Pa” in “Bootlegger’s Run”

This is Dave recording cue announcements for Splish Splash Water Park. Digital Waterworx provides all of the audio, including the recorded announcements on the trams and ticket windows for more than 11 water parks throughout the US.

So next time you find yourself waiting on line to take the plunge, listen up. There’s a good chance those sound effects and dialogues were produced right here!

Behind the Green Screen

We shot a YouTube video today for a new product. Here are a few behind the scene snapshots. We then followed up with a broadcast TV spot which can be seen below.

Crasche Hat – TV Commercial from Digital Waterworx on Vimeo.