Automate Your Life

This is the first in a series of five videos produced for Leviton Security & Automation. Their products keep you safe, manage energy consumption, and provide entertainment. These “lifestyle” videos featured professional actors showing how everyday activities can be enhanced by the Security & Automation product line.

That’s The Way We Swim

The challenge: The YMCA approached us with the desire to have a 1-minute music video created to promote their swimming instruction program. As a non-profit, they undoubtedly had a very small budget.

But, in order to make a music video, you first need…music.  Our own Andrew Lubman rose to the challenge and wrote and recorded a catchy tune based on our client’s lyrics. This was an “all hands on deck” production involving our entire team. Every service we’ve provided since 1993 was incorporated.

The video was shot in 4 hours on site at the Bay Shore YMCA using the actual instructors, lifeguards, and past recipients of their instruction.

Here’s the finished product:

Breathe Easy

This new product overview video was produced for Drive Medical for their PURE Oxygen Concentrator. Shot in studio and on location, this video features an on camera spokesperson and two actors.

After watching this video you’ll know everything you need to operate and care for your PURE Oxygen Concentrator.

Great Minds Think Alike

Cliff Dragonetti came to us with a request – to make him the “rock star” of public speakers. Cliff is an accomplished motivational speaker whose message is unique and fresh. But Cliff didn’t have any quality video of himself to use as a sales tool to share with prospective clients.

Using our state of the art studio and editing facility, we were able to capture the essence of Cliff during his finest moments and created a series of six short vignettes in studio and live settings.

Have a look at the lead-off video:

The other videos can be found on The Right Minded Company’s website

MusicFirst Takes First Place

We’re pleased to share this latest video project. MusicFirst engaged our services to create this testimonial-based piece to introduce themselves to music educators across the country. This 3-minute video was shot on location at East Brunswick High School in New Jersey and features interviews with two faculty members and two students, plus several other students used in B-roll scenes.

Leviton Rocker Slide Dimmer

Here’s a nice product that can enhance any home. It’s the new Leviton Rocker Slide Dimmer and it’s universal – meaning it works with all types of bulbs and fixtures including LED, CFL, Compact Fluorescent, as well as Incandescent. Want to know more? Watch this new video that we just completed.

Hearts, From the Bottom of Ours

Another year. Do you agree that this one went by like an F-14 on full afterburners? Well, 2015 marks our 22nd year in business and I have to admit it doesn’t seem that long. For someone who doesn’t profess to have the greatest memory, I do (and can) remember even the smallest details from when I started Digital Waterworx in 1993.

To those who have been with us from the beginning, thank you for your continued loyalty and friendship. And to those clients of ours who are new to the family, welcome. We hope you’ll get to know what we’re all about and understand that our team is made up of the most enthusiastic and talented people in our industry.

Collaboration. That’s our word for the year. We want to collaborate on projects and help you get the most out of your marketing plan. So with that, I wish you and yours a terrific 2015. Be safe, happy, and above all else – healthy.

Here’s a little video we put together to give you a glimpse into the Digital Waterworx tank.

Dave Goldberg

Cold, But Manageable

We had the pleasure of produced another holiday greeting for Madison Alley Global Ventures, a New York based M&A and capital advisory firm for digital marketing, advertising, media and technology companies.

Starring Michael Seidler, CEO and Founder of Madison Alley, the video incorporates the use of ultra high definition time-lapse video featuring recognizable New York City landmarks.

Contact us for your very own holiday video. It’s never too soon (or too late) to begin planning.

ACDS “Ask” Video

Helping our clients tell stories is one of our specialties. Their words—our magic. This heartwarming video was shown at the ACDS annual gala to “ask” guests to support their Early Intervention program.

ACDS is dedicated to providing lifetime resources of exceptional quality, innovation and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities and their families.

The shoot featured testimonies from two fathers of children who received services from ACDS as well as statements from Michael Smith, the organization’s executive director.

Michael Smith, Executive Director, ACDS

Michael Smith, Executive Director, ACDS

See the video

Get Set to Get Wet

This year, as in the past dozen or so years, we’ve had the enjoyable experience of providing the sound effects, voiceovers for prerecorded announcements, and background music at Splish Splash Water Park in Riverhead, Long Island.

Their newest attraction this year is called Mutiny Bay – a fun, interactive water battle. Participants climb aboard and man the water cannons as they wind their way through Mutiny Bay fighting off the relentless water blasts from the landlubbers’ cannons.

Visit Splish Splash this summer and be sure to listen up. You’ll hear our work on the following attractions and areas:

  • Park Tram – Welcome message (greeting, park overview, fees, safety, etc.)
  • Mutiny Bay – Themed music for cue
  • Abyss – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Alien Invasion – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Barrier Reef – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Bootleggers Run – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Cliff Diver – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Dinosaur Falls – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Drangon’s Den – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Giant Twister – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Mammoth River – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Max Track – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • Shotgun Falls – SFX, voiceovers, themed music
  • The Boardwalk – Voice of the shark

For more information visit the Splish Splash website