Kicking Cancer in the Teeth

We are pleased to have been able to collaborate with Kat’s Ribbon of Hope on this inspirational video. Kat’s Ribbon of Hope was established in 2013 to provide financial assistance to women who would otherwise not be able to afford early detection and treatment services for breast cancer. These women die at twice the rate of those who can afford medical attention. Their intent is to save lives by making critical information and services more accessible to women.

Filmed over three days at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, Adelphi New York Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program in Garden City, and in our Plainview studios.

Life’s WORC

What do you do when a new client knocks on your door with the following request?:

“We have an event in 2 days and we need help producing a video to be shown at the dinner.”

Some of us thought it might not be possible — to provide something of quality; something that both the client and we would be proud of. But we rose to the the occasion.

We were able to schedule and film interviews in our studio, procure enough b-roll, and perform a marathon editing session. The result can be seen here.

Pearly Whites

When our client, Dental 365, wanted a national-level TV commercial to help promote their dental implant service they chose to work with us.

From script development, talent scouting, selecting the right location, and everything in between, Digital Waterworx was able to provide every facet of the production.

:15 and :30 broadcast versions as well as a :60 version for the web were created. Here’s the 30 for your enjoyment.

Nonprofit Whirlwind

2016 Imagine AwardsDigital Waterworx just completed a whirlwind project consisting of 20 videos profiling some of the most interesting non-profit organizations on Long Island. As finalists in the Long Island Imagine Awards, each organization was featured in their own one minute video. The Awards, started in 2013, recognize innovation and leadership in the nonprofit sector.

The videos were assembled as part of a package for their respective categories and shown during the gala awards event held at the Crest Hollow Country Club on May 3, 2016.

We were also proud to be a sponsor for the third time of this important event which recognizes the important work of non-profit organizations. The individual videos can be viewed below. We hope you’ll find them as inspirational as we did.



A Smartboard in Every Classroom

ACDS was started in 1966 and has helped thousands of children and adults with Down Syndrome, Autism and other developmental disabilities and their families. Their annual fundraising campaign was intended to raise enough money to place a SmartBoard in every classroom and for each student to have access to an iPad.

This video features Cecila Barry, the Principal at ACDS, who explains the need for this assistive technology.

So You Want To Make A Video? Video Tips 101

From time to time people ask us for advice on making better videos. Whether for corporate or personal purposes, the basics are the same. Rather than get into long winded explanations, we decided to create this 2½ minute video covering a few of the most basic tips in video production.

If you still have questions after watching this, then it’s probably best to contact us.


Live Long and Prosper(ian)

These five videos were created to showcase the partners at Prosperian Wealth, a New York-based wealth management firm. The videos are part of the firm’s online marketing efforts.

Feed Your Baby, Gently

In our ongoing effort to produce high quality informational videos for Drive Medical, this product piece introduces the Gentle Feed Breast Pump. Shot entirely in-studio with a hand model, the video needed to be completed and delivered in a very short time frame.

Automate Your Life

This is the first in a series of five videos produced for Leviton Security & Automation. Their products keep you safe, manage energy consumption, and provide entertainment. These “lifestyle” videos featured professional actors showing how everyday activities can be enhanced by the Security & Automation product line.

That’s The Way We Swim

The challenge: The YMCA approached us with the desire to have a 1-minute music video created to promote their swimming instruction program. As a non-profit, they undoubtedly had a very small budget.

But, in order to make a music video, you first need…music.  Our own Andrew Lubman rose to the challenge and wrote and recorded a catchy tune based on our client’s lyrics. This was an “all hands on deck” production involving our entire team. Every service we’ve provided since 1993 was incorporated.

The video was shot in 4 hours on site at the Bay Shore YMCA using the actual instructors, lifeguards, and past recipients of their instruction.

Here’s the finished product: